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Bel Canto Design

Bel Canto is an industry leader of innovative audio systems focused on the importance of the digital to analog control center. You want your system easy-to-access, compact, and sounding particularly awesome on CDs, LPs or downloaded high resolution files from the internet. Bel Canto understands, music is in the fabric of their lives too. We’re all looking for those special moments when we dissolve into the music, suspending disbelief, swept away, transfixed by seductive tonality. It’s exhilarating when music affects our internal state and changes how we feel. That’s the power of music, and that’s why Bel Canto designs and builds components that recreate that wonderful experience whenever you play music you love.

These days, environmental efficiency is an important part of electronics design. Bel Canto has years of experience developing and implementing low- heat, low-power-consumption, compact electronics and powerful amplifiers whose remarkable efficiency makes for award-winning audio performance. To ignore the reality of energy usage today is to ignore the future-traditional audio philosophy that says wasteful, large, hot running audio electronics will always be the best. Bel Canto’s experience in designing some of the most efficient and high performance audio equipment has shown this inherited ‘wisdom’ to not only be the wrong direction for the future but to also be self limiting. The recent developments in efficient amplifier and power supply architectures truly show the way forward toward even higher performance audio components that can co-exist with your musical and energy needs. A top of the line Bel Canto system can use less than 40 watts of power and deliver music performance with astonishing realism. Bel Canto’s efficient, elegant designs do more with less to deliver more of the music.

Bel Canto Design

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