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With the resurgence of vinyl people are discovering the experience of listening to music in the tradition that made it popular for decades in the past. For some it’s a new experience but for most it’s revisiting the nostalgia of when an artist’s release was much anticipated and going to a record store was exciting. Interestingly the pressing of the LP is getting better with improved technology and new artists are releasing their titles on vinyl and artists of the past are getting remastered makeovers.

The quality of the playback systems are just as important as vinyl improves. Turntables are in high demand and there are many to choose from. The $69 Crosley or Ion that may seem popular isn’t worth investing in. They sound horrible and don’t represent the true sound of what’s capable on a good record. At NLH, we carry Audio-Technica and VPI turntables that provide multiple levels of quality at amazing value.


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