Network Player

[streamer + DAC]

A network player is a streamer that includes a built-in DAC. This keeps things simple; just connect it to your system with analog interconnects and away you go! While these units have built-in DACs they also have digital outputs for connecting to an external DAC if you want to upgrade performance in the future.

Network Transport

[streamer only – no DAC]

A network transport is a streamer without a built-in DAC; you must connect it to a DAC to play music. This is a good approach if you already own an excellent DAC or wish to keep your DAC and network transport as separate components to maximize performance.

Music Server

[server + streamer]

A music server stores music files from ripped CDs or digital album downloads you’ve purchased. The three servers below also include a CD drive for ripping your CDs to the server’s hard drive. These servers also function as streamers.

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