When it comes to investing in the piece of equipment that could produce the experience of musical nirvana, there are so many choices.

We don’t necessarily prescribe to “more cost equals better sound”. Why? Because we know all hear differently. Because of that, we’re very good at in locating products that are very musical, will blow the mind of any budding audiophile, and won’t break the bank. Experienced audiophiles are a little (lot!) more tuned-in to sound quality. But the truly experienced can see through the snake-oil and witchcraft that often makes up most of the extremely overpriced electronics and understand that a $50,000 amplifier isn’t necessarily better that a $3000 amp. We believe that it’s your hobby, and your listening experience.

So whatever turns you on…go for it!

We’ve curated a selection of audio electronics we believe offer the best sound quality for the price. Whether you are interested in tube or solid state technology, there is something for everyone.

Current Products

Rogue Audio is definitely one of the best-selling manufacturers we have on board and for good reason. Hand made in Pennsylvania and possibly the most affordable high end gear made in America. From their entry level Rogue Audio Sphinx integrated amp to the Rogue Audio RP-5 preamp and M-180 mono block tube amps, the variations are almost endless.

Famous for tube and hybrid technology (tube and solid state), their all tube Cronus Magnum integrated rates high with reviewers and the hybrid Pharaoh integrated is packed with features for even the most discriminating enthusiast.

For the digital lover, there is no better than American made Bel Canto Design based in Minneapolis MN. Specializing in DACs and digital amplifiers, no one comes close to the real sound of recorded music. The e.One Series includes the DAC2.7 as the centerpiece for a wide range of features and technological sound advancements. Paired with amps like the REF600M and the REF500S, digital never sounded so good!

Come Listen

As with any audio purchase, we encourage you to experience the product before purchasing. Reviews are great, but ultimately it’s about what you enjoy. Visit our showroom to experience these products in a professionally designed listening environment.

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