Vandersteen VLR CT speakers

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  • Speaker TypeBookshelf
  • Frequency Response4 Hz - 40 kHz ± 3 dB
  • Amplifier Power30-100 W
  • Impedance8 Ω nominal, 5 Ω minimum
  • Sensitivity86 dB
  • Dimensions8" w x 12” h x 11.5” d
  • Weight22 lb


A small speaker that can. Featuring the same technology tweeter as in the top-of-the-line System NINE at 2% of the price.

Accurately reproducing the signal from the amplifier requires preserving all of the delicate time-domain relationships that comprise music. Because there isn't enough physical real estate to time-align such a compact speaker, making a time- and phase-coherent speaker in such a small box requires the use of coaxially-mounted drivers like the woofer/tweeter used here. This custom-built driver features the carbon tweeter technology only found on Vandersteens finest products. The result is all the coherence and dimensional purity one expects from a classic Vandersteen in a gorgeous and versatile little speaker, meant to be put onto a bookshelf close to the rear boundary.

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