Vandersteen SUB THREE subwoofer

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  • Speaker TypeSubwoofer


The SUB THREE builds on the years of technology featured in the 2WQ but with increased performance with a power factor correct switch mode power supply to a more powerful 325-watt internal amplifier and an upgrade from stamped steel to cast aluminum baskets on the three 8-inch drivers. For the first time at this price, the SUB THREE also incorporates one of Vandersteen's most innovative and enduring technologies- 11-band room EQ for perfect bass in virtually any room. This technology originated with Vandersteen's Model 5 and continues in the KĒNTO, Quatro, the flagship Model Seven, and reference SUB NINE powered subwoofers. Over time, this crucial EQ technology has been employed in Vandersteen's powered 5A and Model 5A Carbon, but before the SUB THREE, the least expensive path to Vandersteen room EQ was the Quatro Wood CT. Vandersteen's legendary powered bass with room EQ is now more accessible than ever, and is in many non-Vandersteen setups as well.

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