Meitner PRE preamp

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The Meitner PRE preamplifier is designed with Ed Meitner’s philosophy that an analog preamp acts as the heart of every music system.

Built on the heritage of the reference EMM Labs preamplifier, the Meitner PRE incorporates a contactless switching system and discrete dual-balanced signal paths. Its proprietary software-driven analog volume control ensures zero signal bandwidth degradation over the entire volume range, while its pure class-A power stage can effortlessly drive cables and loads. With a high-efficiency, low-noise power supply system, the Meitner PRE delivers class-beating performance that will keep you listening to your music collection well beyond curfew.

Our team is committed to designing products that enhance user enjoyment while providing a secure listening experience. The Meitner PRE exemplifies this with its user-friendly balance control and volume preset system, and by providing DC protection to the rest of the system. It is this philosophy that has earned us our customers' continued loyalty.

The Meitner PRE has 3 pairs of stereo analog inputs:

  • 1 pair balanced (XLR)
  • 2 pairs single-ended (RCA)
along with two pairs of stereo outputs:
  • 1 pair balanced (XLR)
  • 1 pair single-ended (RCA)

Both balanced and single-ended outputs can be utilized at the same time for versatile configurations such as connecting the balanced outputs to the main amplifier and the single-ended outputs to a subwoofer or headphone amplifier.

The Meitner PRE preamplifier upholds the Meitner legacy of being a class-defining value proposition, with its surprising performance and evenmore surprising price point.

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