Legacy Signature XD speakers

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  • Speaker TypeFloor Standing
  • Frequency Response22 Hz - 30 kHz ±2 dB
  • Speaker AmplificationActive
  • Impedance4 Ω
  • Sensitivity92 dB (2.83V @ 1m)
  • Dimensions12" w x 48" h x 13.75" d
  • Weight110 lbs each
  • MPNSignature XD


The newly released Signature XD brings the highest level of performance to an elegant slim five-driver four-way tower configuration. Though occupying little more than one square foot of floor space, the internally powered 48" Signature XD delivers tremendous clarity and impact with 650 watts of refined ICEpower® amplification.

The mastering grade speaker system articulates the treble region with Legacy’s Dual AMT tweeter configuration. The air displacement and acceleration of the 1” and 4” pleated diaphragms is four times greater than conventional tweeters, thus providing greater air and detail. Vocals are delivered by Legacy’s recently developed 7” graphene filled carbon fiber midrange with a massive magnetic structure, computer optimized copper phase- plug and shorting ring. The dual 10” woofers employ a rigid aluminum diaphragm capable of reinforcing the lower vocal range and mid-bass, enriching baritones and larger stringed instruments as only larger speakers could previously. The powerful amplification assures bass weight and heft.

The Signature XD affords unusual flexibility in amplifier configuration and room placement. The self-powered speaker system can be driven full range with its pristine internal amplifier. The crossover network can be divided with the flick of a switch allowing the upper section to be driven with external amplification of the user’s choice. This feature accommodates the invested tube and Class A aficionados.

The Signature XD system can be placed near the front wall without concern due to its sealed configuration. The proprietary internal dynamic damping circuitry and carefully implemented crossover points greatly reduce colorations from early reflections. Even greater results can be achieved by employing the Legacy Wavelet processor which also facilitates bi-amplification.

The ribbon drivers of the Legacy Dual Air Motion Tweeter system are the very same used in the Legacy Focus SE (positioned at exactly the same listener height as the Focus SE) and employ planar and folded diaphragms suspended in high magnetic force field provided by neodymium. A natural fullness in the treble is exhibited that reminds us why we love high-end audio so much.

Signature XD additionally features silver HF wire on the treble and Solen® capacitors in the high frequency section.

Signature XD employs dual 10” woofers, paired to reduce distortion, while the sealed alignment couples to the floor boundary to achieve highly controlled low frequency extension.

Signature XD has the ability to be placed very close to the back wall thanks to its sealed box alignment. Taut bass lines emerge with solid punch and no over-hang.

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