Legacy Marquis XD center channel

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  • Speaker TypeCenter Channel
  • MPNMarquis XD


If you haven’t experienced the Marquis XD, you are missing out on something very special. A worthy companion to the VALOR, V system, Whisper XDS, Aeris or Focus SE, the Marquis XD offers the piston area to do the center channel the way it should be done.

Legacy's best center channel speaker has been updated to the Marquis XD. Featuring our 4" AMT ribbon, as found in the Legacy Dual Air Motion Tweeter system, and a 7.5" accordion edge midrange with 6lb magnetic structure, Marquis XD is on par with the speed of our best towers.

These high precision drivers, a new crossover, and the incredible dual 12" ultra-linear bass drivers with 15 lb motors make it the best center speaker at any price.

The dual 12" woofers of the Marquis XD deliver unprecedented linear output with snap and definition with rich upper bass and clean transition to the lower midrange.

The rear terminal plate of the Marquis XD features removable copper jumpers to facilitate bi-amping or bi-wiring if desired. The dual binding posts accommodate banana, spade or bare wire connections.

Rear contour switches allow one to adjust for the presence and brightness of the room, and to trim the bass if placed near the rear wall.

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