Backert Labs Rhumba Extreme 1.4 preamp

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Unlike other preamplifiers (other than its big brother, the Rhythm) the Rhumba Extreme biases its tubes to perfection, continuously, automatically.

Our Rhythm and “Rhumba Extreme” preamps are the first ever to adjust tube bias, ensuring that your tubes are correctly biased at all times. Adjustment is automatic, requiring no action on the user’s part.

Why is this important? Each pair of tubes requires slightly different bias. The result of our automatic bias adjustment: a circuit that brings out the very best from every tube you insert.

The Rhumba Extreme features Bob Backert’s proprietary gain stage, which is the circuitry that works with the tubes to amplify your music.

When people hear our gain stage for the first time, they tend to focus immediately on the music. It’s not about better treble, or better bass. Our approach is so new, such a complete overhaul of the typical tubed amplification circuit, that audiophile phrases become unimportant. What matters is the performance that is happening, right now, in front of you.

Life-like dynamics. Spaciousness. Real-life clarity. No sweeteners, no thickeners, no “warmed up” midbass. Our gain stage delivers music as it really sounds.

How is the Rhumba Extreme 1.4 improved over the previous 1.3 model?

The physical appearance is identical to the 1.3 pictured above. The 1.4 has improved circuits in the power supply and gain stage, a solid-brass bottom panel for more holographic sound, and 2 fully balanced XLR inputs, as well as 2 fully balanced XLR outputs. It still has the 3 RCA inputs and 2 RCA outputs as well.

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