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More than a quarter-century ago, a group of obsessed craftsmen started building artistically designed, one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture for collectors. Perhaps inevitably, their love of art and music inspired the company to create loudspeakers, which combined the highest possible audio performance with unrivalled aesthetic beauty. In 1997, EgglestonWorks introduced the Andra, which was immediately embraced by recording engineers and music lovers around the world and praised as one of the finest speakers ever produced. So impressive was Andra that it appeared on the cover of prestigious Stereophile magazine TWICE in three months and won that publication’s “Loudspeaker of the Year” award.

While other ultra-high-end producers focus on expensive speakers exclusively, EgglestonWorksbelieves that every serious music lover should be able to afford a pair of artistically designed, artisanal loudspeakers. Our “Nico” monitors and “Emma” towers retail for less than many mass produced speakers, yet they benefit from the same meticulous hand craftsmanship as our most expensive models.

Chances are, your speakers will reside in your living room, den or other high profile location in your home. We think your speakers the same sense style and artistic beauty as your other furnishings because—let’s face it—speakers are furniture! That’s why every EgglestonWorks loudspeaker is art for the eye, as well as the ear.


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