yamahalogo_ogpIt has been over 60 years since the Yamaha Hi-Fi Player, the world’s first audio component bearing the “Hi-Fi” name, was released. As a comprehensive musical instrument maker, as a materials and semiconductor manufacturer and as experts in architectural acoustics and music promotion, Yamaha has always applied its accumulated technology base and experience to the task of producing ever improving audio equipment.images (35)

Yamaha’s commitment to excellence in design and build quality stands today. Their products are too important to outsource; they design, manufacture and assemble them in Yamaha-owned facilities. Yamaha’s R&D team takes a granular look at every design aspect, including circuitry, construction, components, volume and sound reproduction qualities—even eco-friendly considerations for power consumption.

76D7C3976CFB4252B1CDDF2B1FD2B23B_12074Design elements likeToP-ART Design and ART Base ensure optimum sound when processing and transmitting the audio signal. The signal is simple and direct, therefor it is less likely to be affected by noise and distortion. The left and right channels are organized in a straight, symmetrical layout for the highest signal purity.In order to effectively dampen the vibrations that have adverse effects on sound quality, Yamaha’s series of integrated amps and receivers have a double bottom design with a 1 mm iron plate. In addition, the power transformer and heat sinks in the power amp section are supported by an extremely strong and stable ART (Anti-Resonance and Tough) base. A solid center bar further enhances high rigidity and dampens vibrations. These Yamaha design innovations contribute to superior signal to noise ratio with rich, natural sound reproduction.