Speakers can play the most important part in the listening experience. It’s the last transducer at the end of the line of many electrical paths from the source you are listening to: where electricity becomes audible sound waves. Speakers are very subjective as to what makes them appeal to a listener. Everyone hears differently and when selecting a speaker it should immediately grab you and draw you into the music.

What to Consider

Many factors affect the way a speaker can perform in a living environment.A variety of variables should be considered when buying a pair of speakers:

  • Is your room large or small?
  • Is the room live (windows, wood or tile floors and hard surfaces) or is it dead sounding (lots of fabric, carpeting, plush furniture)?
  • Do you need floor standing speakers or bookshelf size?

Where to Start

Starting with the Kin Mini’s and moving up from there the Dreamcatcher, Mite, Mite-T and the Rainmaker are great for budding audiophiles. In the floor standing category, start with the infamous Arros, Sttaf, Hawk , Forest, Forest Signature and into the premiere Wind and Wind Design.

Come Listen

At Now Listen Here we carry several brands of speaker lines that have been selected based on sound quality, dependability, excellent build quality, performance, manufacturers reputation, warranty, and more.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to pick a speaker without listening to it first. Visit our showroom in Lancaster, PA to hear them live in a professionally crafted listening environment. In addition to great sound and an ideal listening experience, you’ll benefit from our wealth of knowledge and love of all things audio.

Current Products

Joseph Audio stands out as one of our better designed speakers. Jeff Joseph has been at the forefront of speaker design for many years and never disappoints. Focused on five models, Jeff treats each one like a work of sonic art. Joseph Audio Pearl 3, Joseph Audio Perspectives, Joseph Audio Pulsars, Joseph Audio Profile and Joseph Audio Prisms are in his current line-up.

Totem Acoustics, out of Canada has an amazing reputation for building speakers that play nicely with every type of system and blend well into many different environments. Incredibly priced to exceed expectations, many hours of research and development go into each and every speaker. Fit and finished like fine pieces of furniture, Totem Acoustics have a solution for every listening scenario.

Our newest addition is the famous British speaker manufacturer, Monitor Audio. Leaders in European design and affordable speakers make these guys the reviewers dream. Each series provides a price point that demands attention for the beginner enthusiast all the way to the serious audiophile. Divided in to Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, each series offers upgrades and beauty to design and performance.

In the Bronze Series there is Bronze 1 and Bronze 2 for monitors and the Bronze 5 and Bronze 6 for floor standing speakers. In the Silver Series there is the Silver 1 and Silver 2 for bookshelf size monitors and for floor standers there are the Silver 5, Silver 6 and Silver 10. In the Gold series there is a serious step up in design and utilizing ribbon tweeters for breathtaking openness and depth. Included are the Gold 50 and Gold 100 for monitors. Gold 200 and Gold 300 for floor standing speakers. Check out the Piano ebony finish for an absolutely gorgeous finish.