Now Listen Here Now Carrying Denon Turntables and Headphones

Ask and ye shall receive! Many folks have been asking for automatic turntables. For those who like simplicity and or tend to EL_DP-300F_angledoze off before records end will find the selection of automatic turntables from Denon welcome news. They kept it real simple with three models. The DP-29F has been around a long time and at $149 its a steal. Easy to use, doesn’t take up much space and sound pretty darn good. Light years beyond the cheap Crosleys and Ions out there. The DP-200F adds the feature of USB recording. Meaning you can easily record a record onto your computer. Same cartridge and footprint as the DP-29F, just a little more at $249. The DP-300F is a great affordable budget Hi-Fi table. Nice cartridge and all the features you expect from a full featured table. Looks and sound fantastic for $329.

2_Critical_Listening_New_USOn the headphones side, I have nothing but great things to say about their latest releases. The AH-M200BK is a very listenable set of on-ear headphones Extremely comfortable and portable. Very different from the typical on-ear where the cups tend to pinch the ears. The soft plush ellipsoid earcups and luxurious design along with a very flat and accurate sound make them well worth it at $179. The bigger brother, AH-M300BK at $299 with larger ear cups, just makes it even better with extended bass response and an amazing noise isolation element that defies there size. I have yet to get my hands on the new AH-MM400, which are the top tier phones of this series. I don’t think I’ll be disappointed!