New Music Hall Turntables Now Available

music-hall-mmf-2.3-turntable-detail-631-920Really nice upgrades are coming with the new .3 series that we’re really excited about! Starting with the MMF-2.3, the most notable is the upgraded tonearm and cartridge. This is a gorgeous turntable at an incredible value! The MMF-5.3 is an audiophile turntable with a unique dual-plinth design. Included with this turntable is the Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge ($236 value) installed and aligned. The SE modelmusic-hall-mmf-5.3se-turntable-rosenut-920 has a classic rosenut real veneer finish, and an upgrade to the cartridge. The Ortofon 2M Bronze ($440 value) included. The MMF-7.3 highlights sorrbothane hemispheres seperating the two platforms providing additional suspension and vibration damping. Comes in a high gloss piano black lacquer finish and is available with or without the Ortofon 2M Bronze cartridge. The MMF-9.3 also maintains its its three plinth design with one of my favorite cartridges, the Goldring Eroica LX MC with Gyger II line contact stylus.