Jolida-Now Available Here


Jolida is privately held and was incorporated in Maryland in 1983. Jolida products started with an initial concentrated four year development effort that started in 1991.  Since 1983, Jolida had accumulated years of experience designing and manufacturing tubes. This knowledge coupled to an extensive engineering effort to examine current and past tube audio product designs resulted in a unique set of circuit layouts and the first models of the JD 202A, JD 302A, JD 502A and the JD 80lA. Since, 1995, Jolida had maintained a designing and engineering emphasis of developing new units and improving the existing units.

The exciting and affordable FX series provides a value oriented entry into the world of Hi Fi. I’m very excited for this affordability vs. quality and sound for a lot of customers who want to enter the tube world, but always found it unobtainable cost wise. They’re DAC’s and headphone amp in this category are definitely worth a listen. Plus they’re so cool to look at.

For those more adventerous, Jolida offers a wide range of all tube and hybrid integrated amps and power amps. The JD 9 II phono amp  is probably their most popular and famous piece of gear. They are passionate about sound and will work with you for any special needs or wants in the way of modifications and upgrades.