New ownership at NLH

Like Bob Dylan said – the times they are a changin’. Now Listen Here has served the ears, hearts, and minds of music lovers since 2014. Today we are excited to announce an ownership change as we join the Tenacious Sound family of stores. This change will bring a new, expanded storefront showcasing more of […]

The Metal Behind Monitor Audio

The key feature that makes Monitor Audio stand out from the crowd is the company’s ability to utilize metal in their driver and tweeter technology, resulting in speakers with superior sound and performance unlike any other. Here we take a closer look at some of the different drivers that are found in Monitor Audio’s vast range of […]

New Offerings From Grado Labs

Grado takes the personal listening to a new level. GS3000, in a Cocobolo-Maple  hybrid enclosure. GH3, using selected and seasoned Pine sourced from Norway, it has a beautiful grain and is a compact low profile headphone. GH4, also using the selected and seasoned Pine from Norway, a bigger and bolder performing headphone compared the to the […]

New Headphones from Audio Technica

Just in: brand new noise-cancelling, Bluetooth, over-ear, closed back headphones from Audio Technica. The ATH-ANC700BT has just about everything anyone could want in a pair of headphones: top-notch, audiophile sound quality, a sleek, comfortable, and adjustable design, and the aforementioned Bluetooth and noise-cancelling technology. It also has a touch sensor build into one side so […]

Legacy Audio has Arrived!

Now Listen Here now carries Legacy Audio speakers. Legacy is one of the premier audio equipment producers in the world, consistently providing serious audiophile-level sound. They pride themselves on crafting each pair of speakers “as though we were building them for ourselves.” It was founded by Bill Dudleston in Illinois, who quickly pioneered numerous revolutionary […]

New from Hifiman: Sundara Headphones

Esteemed Chinese company Hifiman has just released the ultra-powerful Sundara headphones. These beauties expertly balance comfort, style, and of course incredible sound quality. No details will be lost with the Sundara’s impressive 6Hz to 75kHz frequency range. The diaphragm is 80% thinner than the HE400 series, meaning the response time and overall sonic signature is […]

High Quality Audio from your Phone

  Ever wanted to listen to high fidelity audio while out and about, directly through your phone? The new iFi Nano iDSD BL allows for just this. With the aid of an OTG cable for Android or a USB-to-lightning connector for Apple, you can simply plug and play with this masterful DAC. It is battery […]

iFI Now Available At NLH

During my visit at the Capital Audiofest this fall, I came upon a company that I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about. iFI has a unique position in the affordable audio enhancement arena. With its compact approach to appeal to the audiophile with limited space and or has a desire to take their […]


GRADO UPDATES THEIR CLASSIC PHONO CARTRIDGES WITH THE PRESTIGE SERIES 2 What Started On A Kitchen Table Continues Today With The New Lineup Brooklyn, NY: Grado Labs is proud to announce a major step forward in their affordable Prestige Series of phono cartridges. The Prestige Series 2 is the third generation of the Prestige series and […]