Choosing the right headphones for your personal listening can be a daunting task. On the go, traveling, exercising, audiophile listening and the list goes on, there are many styles of headphones to choose from. At NLH, we have curated a wide selection of headphones for those who care about sound quality and comfort. Sennheiser has a name for excellence in variety and function. The “Momentum” series is extremely popular in a variety of categories. The HD600 and HD650 are popular for the high end listener. The Jaybird X2 bluetooth in ear are geared for the fitness market and are excellent choice for movement freedom, fit and sweat proof. Grado is an American made headphone popular for its performance and looks. Priced right are the SR60e, SR80e and SR125e. For those looking for an audiophile listening experience, try the SR225e, SR325e or RS2e. For awesome street wear we recommend House of Marley for unique looks that stand out in a crowd. The Liberate and Liberate XL are great for over the ear listening. Noise isolation, noise cancelling, hearing impaired and gaming headphones are also available.

Let us help you select the right headphones for all your personal needs.