images (17)Specializing in the design and manufacturing of the consumer electronic industry’s premiere audio speakers, Edifier has a true ‘Passion for Sound.”  With superior acoustic technology, Edifier provides an impressive range of speakers spanning from Multimedia to In-Home to Portable, consistently a cut above the rest.

The philosophy of Edifier revolves around an unrelenting pursuit of high quality audio, no matter the application. From a dream to an artist’s sketch, to the form of a product complete with soul, substance with uncompromised design elegance. Edifier has a passion for audio excellence that is without question focused on just one ideal, to provide the end user with the very best audio experience possible, with unquestionable design and (3)


Edifier’s expansive list of production includes everything from R&D and product design to final assembly including, tooling, plastic injection, printed circuit board production (PCB), design and assembly, wood cabinet assembly, silkscreen printing, and speaker assembly.

Edifier uses environmentally sound practices. While consistently expanding their operations and presence, Edifier makes a conscious effort to keep a small environmental footprint by prioritizing recycling and utilizing Earth Friendly options for water and electricity in the office.   Edifier also denies suppliers that lack environmentally friendly production.

Design, Audio, Evolution…..Edifier.