mahoganyTotem Acoustic’s mission is to develop loudspeakers capable of reproducing a truly musical and moving performance. The goal is to provide designs that are both affordable and real “soul movers” for the music lover. From the outset, excellence and great soulful sound throughout every model and application has been their goal. One has only to listen in order to be convinced of the resulting success. Totem speakers reflect their commitment to both long-term value and continuity. Aesthetically, Totem speakers are in perfect balance. That’s why they are timeless… Creativity is the key.

For over 25 years now, founder Vince Bruzzese has ensured that Totem stay true to its initial mission. Founded in 1987, Totem initially strove to achieve an identity not overly compromised by market pressures and after two years of unconventional research released the now legendary Model-1. Over the years, additional monitors were added to the line. Sequentially, column speakers further made an enormous impact. Evolutionary, special signature versions of the Model-1 and the Mani-2 have also joined the fray. Then the center speakers were added for home theater functions, as well as the sub-woofers and the in-wall Mask speakers. In the last few years with the advent of the Tribe on-walls and in-walls, world references in their category, and precision in the Inner Spirit in-wall, Totem is setting new standards in architectural type units. Always a trendsetter in creation, Totem offers now stunning colors with the Design Series.

totem-2At Totem Acoustic, minute attention to every detail is their guiding principle. They believe a speaker should exhibit liveliness and spaciousness of sound, with all the qualities that make live music truly soul-moving. Dynamics, transients, decay, harmonics, timbre and rhythm must all be realistically portrayed. Each speaker unit is assembled with great precision, using meticulously selected components. Every speaker model features its own distinct internal wiring, scientifically selected and tested “by ear” during prototype and finalization stages. Music of any period, country or style is accurately and emotionally rendered with a focus that is at once powerful, moving and delicate.