avr2-4u-rear-panel-angled-01A combination of extreme engineering and precision manufacture allow Torus Power Conditioners to achieve uppermost levels of electrical isolation that operates as an electronic firewall separating your sensitive electronic equipment from electrical impurities carried on the common power grid, while maintaining total product performance and preserving the integrity of audio and video signals.
Torus Power products provide a smarter, simpler, and more effective technology to clean up dirty mains power. Utilizing top-of-the-line Plitron Toroidal Transformers, Torus Power products restore incoming power to it’s clean original state – without the use of external components or circuitry.


Get inspired by articulate audio and dazzling video. The clean power supplied to your system will not only allow it to run cooler, last longer, and reduce energy consumption; but also will allow audio video systems to achieve their optimal resolution and dimensionality – with blacker belts and thundering bass – brought together by Torus to enhance the listening experience.

Torus products are engineered with the attributes needed to bring the best out of your system, including a low source impedance allowing3u-is-cs-v2-kat large instantaneous burst currents; ability to supply abundant instantaneous energy as needed to deliver extended tight bass responsiveness, increased dynamic range, and the high definition audio reproduction.

Designed with today’s most sophisticated and powerful equipment, including high power audio amplifiers, Torus Power Conditioners bring out the best in your system.

Let Torus bring your equipment to life.