EQUIPMENTFor 30 years, the primary mission of Straight Wire has been to develop and produce world class cables and related accessories, predominantly made in the USA, primarily for consumer audio and video enthusiasts. Link your system together with Straight Wire and uncover musical nuances & visual subtleties you’ve missed. You’ll get more entertainment from all your existing AV gear and enjoy the performance pleasures from new technologies and components with Straight Wire.

After three decades of producing leading performance cables for AV applications in over 50 international markets, Straight Wire knows the parameters and development process to design new cables. They constantly research, review and interpret the electrical data on electronics and speakers to spot audio trends or tendencies. The latest AV formats and related equipment are evaluated so they can develop cables ahead of the current standards to enable long lasting performance and compatibility.

New materials and refined processes are employed on an application specific and cost conscious approach to develop cables with great value. Years of
experience and knowledge enable them to address real life concerns for flexibility, strain relief, bending radius, connector depth/protrusion and many more. Factors such as conductor diameter, braid angle, stranding options, insulation resonance points and dozens of other variables are a
nalyzed and addressed before prototypes are produced.

After an audio cable’s mechanical and electrical parameters have been optimized on the drawing board, a limited quantity of cable is produced for a Virtuoso-H-SClistening panel composed of leading manufacturers, dealers, critics and consumers. Quantitative sonic evaluation reports are generated with a record of specific equipment used in the evaluation process. Solid state & tube gear, dynamic & planar speakers from many manufacturers are used by the listening panel to establish a broad basis for the selection of the final production version.

Straight Wire transcends other cables because of logical and methodical research and redesign efforts before a product is offered to the customer. This process takes longer and costs more than “quick trial and error” methods, but we’re sure you’ll see and hear the difference with Straight W