music-hall-mmf-5Founded by Roy Hall in 1985, Music Hall has maintained a reputation for designing and manufacturing some of the most popular audio gear in the world. Although turntables are their specialty, they are also well known for their high quality 2-channel electronics designed in the US. Music Hall is often recognized in the audio community for their ability to create great sounding gear that outperforms the competition in a higher price class.

Music Hall turntables first saw the light of day in 1998. They are manufactured in the Czech Republic in a factory that continued, throughout the Soviet Era, to make high quality turntables despite the growing interest in CDs. Music Hall has developed a cohesive and logical range of turntables. All are designed to extract a musical and satisfying presentation from that fabulous medium we call vinyl. From the least expensive to the flagship, all turntables deliver incredible sound and value. All are fitted with premium cartridges from Music Hall or Goldring.

In the electronics cateimages (7)gory, Music Hall has a well rounded offering of affordable playback gear in both the digital and analog realm. Smartly designed DAC’s, phono preamps, integrated amps and headphone amps all have carefully thought out features and incredible sonic performance.

In addition to their own products, Music Hall is a distributor for other fine products and accessories that compliment their own. Companies like Bellari electronics, Goldring cartridges and Hunt EDA record cleaning accessories. One of my favorites is from Mooo Mats; turntable mats with the look and texture of cowhide. Each one is different!