Goldring Lab

Goldring 2400_cartridge  Goldring Cartridges are designed and manufactured in the UK and have been around since 1906. A time before we were born. A time when houses were lit by gaslight and only three years after the Wright brothers’ historic flight, Goldring were bringing the joy of great music into people’s homes. Their rich heritage gives them exceptional knowledge and expertise concerning all things vinyl. Their cartridges and accessories have evolved from a long line of renowned predecessors. All cartridges are hand-crafted, including the stylus, mounting, wiring and coil winding.Goldring elektra

A dedicated team of engineers, designers and craftsmen have decades of experience in designing and making products using the latest materials and technology. This ensures each new product expands the boundaries of style and performance.

Goldring has an excellent selection of cartridges in both magnetic and moving coil for any budget. Favorably reviewed internationally, it’s an obvious choice for audiophiles and amateurs alike.