Music is all around us


We hear it almost every day of our lives. It’s in our home, on TV and in our cars. It’s portable and can go with us anywhere we travel. It’s in the grocery store, elevator, restaurants, malls, doctor’s office, lobbies, church and almost everyplace there is a gathering of people.
Musician, Mic Mell, describes it best:

Music touches, moves and inspires people. It defines cultural movements, joyous occasions, painful break ups – music evokes powerful
memories and responses in us. A song can forever bring us back to a specific moment in our lives, to sights and smells of times that have passed us by. Music transcends time and walks through our lives.

Like most people, we have embraced the digital age and enjoy the convenience of downloaded music and other forms of streaming music from the internet. It has allowed us to discover new music we may never have had the opportunity to hear before. Its portability has allowed us to take our favorite artists anywhere. The love of music is strong among many of us, both young and old, but have we traded quality for convenience? Has our desire for fast and easy taken away some of the essence and the experience of the music itself? Compressed music, cheap earbuds and inferior computer speakers are just a few of the compromises we have all made. But it doesn’t mean we can’t have both convenience and quality.

At NLH, we want you to experience the unique variety of products we have selected to improve your music listening experience. We have spent countless hours researching and listening to a wide variety of analog and digital electronics that were designed to deliver a superior musical performance. From turntables to digital amplifiers, headphones to wireless streaming, we specifically looked for affordable high performance products. Every manufacturer we have chosen has been scrutinized for build quality, company longevity and press accolades. We’re proud of the select components we carry and can’t wait to show you what we found.

Come join us for a listen and rediscover your music!

Inside Now Listen Here

The History of Now Listen Here

About Matt Now Listen Here’s mission is to create an environment that invites people to listen to music. More importantly, provide an experience that educates the
listener on the cutting edge technology available today as well as the popular trends of the past. The mastermind and audio guru behind Now Listen Here is Matt Early. With over 30 years of experience in the field of audio, Matt has been a recording engineer, musician, live sound mixer, service technician, disc jockey, custom integration installer and business owner. He has worked in record stores and HiFi shops up and down the east coast. Starting in the early 80’s with the privilege of working for one of New York City’s premiere stereo stores, Matt honed his skills. At a time when CD’s, inwall speakers, and home theater were very much in their infancy, Matt became part of the evolution of home entertainment by being on the front line of what was to become known as the custom installation business.

About Matt IITechnological advancements, creativity, and sometimes luck were the key ingredients for a successful career in this budding industry. As time passed, the entrepreneurial spirit drove Matt into his own design and installation business which prospered in the New York metro area until 1993. Upon meeting his wife, Bernadette, the two decided to move away from the hectic city lifestyle to Matt’s home turf in Central PA. That move eventually became the home of Residential Media Systems Ltd. For years, RMS Ltd. has become synonymous with creative design and reliable service for the discriminating customer who desired the finest in home technology.


In the summer of 2013, long time employee Caleb Fetter, took over the entity of RMS Ltd from founder Matt Early and became new owner and president. Also in the same time span, RMS moved its operation into Lancaster City to capitalize on the downtown business renaissance and acknowledged the growth that has occurred in both residential and commercial markets. This allowed Matt to pursue his ultimate passion for all things music by creating Now Listen Here and sharing the new space with RMS. This combined effort will allow both RMS and NLH to showcase not only the best in innovation, but share a common love for music and integration technology.