The highly-anticipated CORRIDOR 8172 began shipping last month and thus far reaction has been strong. This versatile cabinet provides customizable storage for AV components, media, a turntable and LPs. The louvered door is handcrafted from solid walnut or white oak and can be mounted to open from the right or the left. It opens to […]

Now Listen Here Now Carrying Denon Turntables and Headphones

Ask and ye shall receive! Many folks have been asking for automatic turntables. For those who like simplicity and or tend to doze off before records end will find the selection of automatic turntables from Denon welcome news. They kept it real simple with three models. The DP-29F has been around a long time and […]

New Music Hall Turntables Now Available

Really nice upgrades are coming with the new .3 series that we’re really excited about! Starting with the MMF-2.3, the most notable is the upgraded tonearm and cartridge. This is a gorgeous turntable at an incredible value! The MMF-5.3 is an audiophile turntable with a unique dual-plinth design. Included with this turntable is the Ortofon […]