The Keystone Record Collectors Club

There are many unique and interesting organizations in Central PA that participate in the celebration of music, but one of my favorites is The Keystone Record Collectors Club. The KRC has the distinction of being the largest, longest running organization of its type in the world. Since its humble beginnings in 1979, KRC has attracted […]

Ripped, Burned and Loaded Part II

In Part I, I talked about the pros and cons of iTunes as the music storage platform most people use today. Portability is definitely a major factor in why it’s popular as it works with all of Apple’s products for people on the go. In addition, Airplay, Apple’s proprietary wireless format, provides a unique way […]

Ripped, Burned and Loaded Part 1

Ripped, Burned and Loaded Part I Music stored on a computer is pretty straight forward for most of us, even for the technically impaired. iTunes from Apple is the most popular platform on which most people purchase and store their music. For the most part it’s pretty simple and works, but as with most Apple […]